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Tips and tricks for the vehicle owners. (mainly Motorcycles)

The Tips and Tricks menu item will take you to a technical world where the laws of mathematics and physics prevail, the “playground” of motor vehicles!
I try to illustrate through concrete examples / vehicles what fantastic ideas many engineers and manufacturers have come up with. Over the decades and centuries of industrial development, human ingenuity has been confirmed. The limitless possibilities of development always surround us. From simple tools, to the invention of the wheel, to internal combustion engines and impending future developments. This world has always been evolving, is and will be. Development is eternal! Although digitization and electrical systems / computerization are gaining ground, the “Rebellion of Machines” has yet to be seen. Ingenuity, combined with basic knowledge and creativity, still has potential in itself.

Storage (s) / Hibernation (s) / Preservation (s) Tips and Advice:

In many cases, the exact length of storage time is unknown when starting storage. Vehicle components must be protected and protected from environmental influences. The greatest external hazard is oxidation. And the internal is the harmful effects of vapors, gases and liquids in confined spaces. (eg, corrosive, precipitation / evaporation, “gelatinization / gelation”). If possible, store / hibernate your vehicle between 15-25 °C in a closed place. This place should be free from moisture and direct sunlight and covered with a tarpaulin.

In the case of motorcycles, scooters, cars, power and garden machines, in case of predictably longer parking without operation (eg: winter dream, waiting for parts for months due to inability to function,…) fill the fuel tank with the lowest commercially available fuel from the fuel tank, and to protect the engine and the entire fuel system. – This is for petrol: E5 and for diesel vehicles: B7. It is worth considering the possibility of adding some fuel additive for long-term storage.

Opinions are divided for and against “kicking up” a vehicle. It is advisable to “rest” the tires at a pressure 20-30% higher than the normal operating pressure. Although the age of the tires exceeds the maximum in technical and adhesion terms for very long storage, the purchase of new tires can be presumed here. As with liquids, rubber, plastic and metal parts age, so these parts must be expected to age during parking / out of service, including replacement.

Maintenance(s) and care(s) tips and advice:

The maintenance and care of motor vehicles depends to a large extent on the care of the owner(s), operator(s) and / or user(s). Rust spots on the body, exhaust, metal parts, oil leaks, petrol / diesel leaks, and the care and regular maintenance of polished elements and windscreens / glass / plexiglass / lamps will cause parts to wear out at a much faster rate than necessary! Change / replace our engine, transmission, differential, coolant and brake fluids at appropriate intervals or mileage. Also, don’t forget to replace your air filter and pollen filter. After all, both the quality of the air entering the engine compartment and the air entering the passenger compartment, as well as the permeability of the filter, improve our vehicle and our breathing.
The vehicle appreciates careful care and presents its “owner” with longer, carefree, more cost-effective operation.

Setup(s) Tips and Tricks:

It is important to fine-tune the vehicle components for proper operation. It is also important for user / driver comfort and proper access to user interfaces.

Adjusting controls and proper backlash for ease of use and longer component life.
Proper backlash between clutch, brake pedal and lever (possible with bowden / rod / rod operation! In the case of hydraulically operated clutch / brake, the basic distance between the lever and pedal can only be refined / adjusted!).
For motorcycles, the position of the shift pedal relative to the footrest is essential for comfortable driving and responsiveness.
Adjusting the drive chain tension of motorcycles (chain and belt drive only) will increase the life of the chain and gears, and with proper tension and lubrication, drive loss at the drive chain can be minimized.
Proper operating pressure, condition and age of tires (usually specified for cold = non-hot-running tires) are also important due to traction, suspension and wear!

Usage(s) and vehicle handling(s) tips and advice:

When the vehicle is cold (= not hot), it must not be subjected to sudden increases in load, as this will accelerate the wear and tear of the components. This is true for all intake engines, but this is especially true when it comes to turbocharged engines! As the outside temperature decreases or increases, pay special attention to warming up the vehicle and recooling it before stopping. In the case of motorcycles and cars, in addition to a properly prepared vehicle, it is also important to acquire the appropriate vehicle handling / driving skills.
In all cases, it is recommended to visit a motorcycle and / or driving technical training center / practice track. You can always improve and gain a greater driving routine.
This allows you to drive on public roads or racetracks with greater safety, to the delight of ourselves and our environment.

Restoration(s) tips and advice:

If you are buying a vehicle for such a purpose, it is worth examining the background of that particular vehicle. Are parts / exact copies from the original manufacturer or from another manufacturer that are exactly the same as the factory still available? Is factory documentation, service book, dimensioned technical drawings, photographs,… available? If this is no longer possible (e.g. 1949 Maserati T2 – 125), in the absence of factory documentation and other accurate data and parts, it remains to be built on the basis of photographs and contemporary vehicles of the same spirit (e.g. Ducati 1950-1960). When restoring, always try to restore the fullest factory condition. This is the fastest and easiest with the right parts, but often this is not the way to go. In this case, it is only possible to make and install a copy that is the same as the original.

Car rescue and delivery to the tire service:

If the car is impassable and needs to be delivered, I recommend AutómentésBudapest, a car recovery and transportation company. AutómentésBudapest carries out the transport to a high standard and with careful attention to the vehicle, so I recommend it with a good heart. Accident or inoperable HONDA car after many years of storage? Service – HONDA car service in Budaörs – Norbert Mann – delivery is no longer a problem! Rescue and delivery of cars contact: +36-20-3877709

Delivery and undertaking to the MannMotors workshop is ONLY possible after prior consultation !!!

Motorcycle rescue and delivery to the tire service:

If the bike is impassable and needs to be delivered, I recommend MotorAngel, a motorcycle recovery and transportation company. MotorAngel carries out the transport to a high standard and with careful attention to the vehicle, so I recommend it with a good heart. Accident or inoperable MOTORCYCLE after many years of storage? Service – Motorcycle service – Norbert Mann – delivery is no longer a problem!
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Delivery and undertaking to the MannMotors workshop is ONLY possible after prior consultation !!!

If you have any questions about your motorcycle, scooter, HONDA car ==> service, tire-rim, technical inspection of your vehicle, you can contact us at the contact details on this page: MannMotors contact

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