HONDA car service in Budaörs! Professional car service without taboos! Expert attitude, well organized and comprehensible work processes! No more unsolvable problems if you have a HONDA! Dynamic session, fast and precise execution. At ‘‘ everything is in one place! HONDA car service in Budaörs!

Our independent service, which specializes in HONDA vehicles, is NOT in contact with Honda‘s representative in Hungary!

HONDA car service in Budaörs
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Car maintenance is a precision task that requires adequate technical knowledge, tools and a high level of practice! If you turn to a mechanic who has the right skills, a “tool pool” and works with a precise, careful approach, we have the vehicle in the best hands!

HONDA car service
in Budaörs
Norbert Mann

“The claim is yours, the task is ours and will improve your carefree used vehicle!”

Tasks before daily departure (operator / owner):

  • Tire pressure, checking the tire condition
  • Light control
  • Battery status (difficult to start or car does not start)
  • After the start, one of the warning lights on the instrument panel does not go out / flashes / flashes
  • User test of steering gear and pedals

Tasks of the car service – HONDA car service in Budaörs – Norbert Mann

scheduled regular services – 10000 km – 15000 km – 20000 km and / or every 12 months = due every 1 year:

  • Fluid exchange:
    • Oil (engine, transmission, differential)
    • Brake fluid + clutch fluid (at hydraulics)
    • Coolant
  • Engine + Transmission:
    • Checking / adjusting the valve clearance + replacing the spark plug
    • Replacement of the timing chain (belt => for older models)
    • Clutch change
    • Replace air filter + pollen filter
  • Chassis + brake:
    • Brake pads, brake disc change
    • Wheel bearing change
    • Exchange of shock absorbers
    • Exchange of chassis parts (swingarm; silencer block; ball heads)
  • Error detection:
    • by examining the customer’s comments to uncover and correct the error:
      • The vehicle became powerless
      • Some liquid comes out
      • It is difficult to start the car
      • A strange noise comes from the engine compartment
    • Pre-technical check so that a failed technical check can be avoided

List of HONDA car models serviced by: HONDA car service – :

Accord; Concerto; Civic; CRX; CR-V; CR-Z; FR-V; HR-V; Insight; Integra; Jazz / Fit; Legend; Logo; NSX; Odyssey; Prelude, S2000; Shuttle; Stream

Rescue and delivery of cars:

If the car is impassable and needs to be delivered, I recommend AutómentésBudapest, a car recovery and transportation company. AutómentésBudapest carries out the transport to a high standard and with careful attention to the vehicle, so I recommend it with a good heart. Accident or inoperable HONDA car after many years of storage? Service – HONDA car service in Budaörs – Norbert Mann – delivery is no longer a problem! Rescue and delivery of cars contact: +36-20-3877709

Delivery and undertaking to the MannMotors workshop is ONLY possible after prior consultation !!!

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your HONDA vehicle, you can contact us using one of the following options:
MannMotors – contact

HONDA car service
in Budaörs
Norbert Mann